Geometric style

These wood vent covers are made from one quarter inch thick high density plywood and have a top ply of either oak, cherry, maple, or paint grade. Although if you have a special wood you'd like give us a call and maybe it will be possible to accomodate you.

We make these in any dimension you need including unusual fractional sizes. We can easily modify the measurements of the flanges or design opening. Unlike typical vent covers the dampers, if you choose to get them, are not attached to the faceplate. See the diagrams for details.

Choose from 26 different designs, and also note that cold air returns with filters are available.

Typically these are recommended for wall or ceiling, but sometimes we laminate them for use with new flooring. Also, if you have a situation where you have a duct opening on the wall but it is located all the way down at the floor then we have an elegant solution for that situation. Call for details.

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