Q: There are too many choices. How do I even begin?
A: Start by measuring every duct opening. Then ask yourself whether you prefer wood, metal, or resin. Then look through the collections and see if any particular design jumps out at you.

Q: I don't see my size listed. What now?
A: Many types can be made in any size. Or we may have some other constructive idea. Best to give us a call.

Q: How long does it take to get these vent covers?
A: It depends upon the style. Some types are on hand and ship right away. Others are made to order and have a lead time involved. Some can be expedited easily and others can't. Best to talk to us and we can paint an accurate picture of lead time.

Q: My vent cover is in a high traffic area. Is that a problem?
A: It depends upon the size of the duct opening and the style. It could be just fine, or possibly may need reinforcement. Generally, the larger the duct opening the more problematic this is.

Q: Why do you insist on measuring the duct opening instead of the overall dimensions?
A: Because whatever we send you needs to fit into that duct opening!