Baseboard vent covers

When you have a situation where the duct opening is located right at the point where the wall and the floor meet then you probably need a baseboard register. Usually, the your baseboard stops to the left of the opening and starts again to the right. On pre-1940 houses the distance between baseboards is often 13 or 15 inches and the duct opening is relatively tall. If you have this situation the Romantic Revival and University style vents will work. More recent homes often have 15, 18, or 24 inch long gaps between baseboards and the opening height is only a few inches tall. You may even have some less standard size situation in which case you should probably call us with the dimensions for some advice.

The wood basevents have an ingenious method of installation that makes it easy to temporarily remove them in case you need to have them out of the way to paint the wall. We'd be happy to describe that for you.